Pescod History

Pescod Hall has a rich and diverse history. Read all about it here.

Pescod Hall

Pescod Square is named after the Pescod family an features the reconstructed Pescod Hall, home of the Pescod family. The Pescod’s were a notable family amongst the community of Merchants in the town.

Walter Pescod, who dies in 1398, is buried in St Botolph’s Church. On his memorial brass his clothing is adorned with peapods, a playful reference to his family name meaning a trader in peas and also, more literally as a container or pod in which peas would be kept. In the artwork the motif is updated and featured amongst the symbols of his trade and letters of his name.

The shears represent the wool trade in which they and many others in Boston traded. They also traded in herring – represented here in skeletal form. The design is fragmented in the hope that children in particular may take a rubbing of the whole artwork or create their own from the broken elements.

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